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Jason Pence Tree Service Incorporated

Tree Services

Our tree care company offers a variety of service:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Stump Removal
  • Land Clearing
  • Tree Health Diagnosis

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Tree Removal

In the Fort Wayne area it can be difficult to remove a tree. If a tree is located near a home or between houses, it leaves little room for the person to cut the tree down. The best way to remove a tree in a tight spot is too start at the top and cut the tree down in smaller pieces, and many times the limbs and wood are lowered on a rope.

Getting up in the air to position the tree worker in a safe place to remove a tree is a risky proposition. It takes a skill tree service professional to work up in the crown of a tree safely, an Arborist must climb a tree or use an aerial lift device to get high enough in the tree for a secure removal. It takes years of training and knowledge to perform tree removal operations; you can trust our tree service’s experience removing trees.

For a free tree removal service estimate call (260) 627-2332 anytime or request a tree service estimate online.